Winners of the 2015 edition

The selection of the best articles for the 2017 contest “A Day as a Researcher”, out of more than 250 received, has ended. The SNS will give the possibility to seven high school students to experience a day as a researcher at the Scuola Normale Superiore. The evaluation and selection of the winning articles were performed by more than 25 SNS researchers and professors: some of them will also take part in the activities on May 29th, the chosen date. We heartily thank them for their valuable collaboration. Many high-quality articles were received, in a competition (now at its third edition) that could allow only less than 3% of the participants to actually win the prestigious award.

On Monday, May 29, 2017, the prize will be awarded by the director of the SNS, Prof. Vincenzo Barone, and the head of the VIS project, Prof. Andrea Ferrara. The selected high school students will receive a free round-trip to Pisa, the accommodation at one of the SNS colleges, the meals at the school canteen. An official attestation certificate and a prize will be issued.

On May 29th, the seven winners will follow step by step a researcher or research group of the SNS, one for each of the seven areas: Archeology and Ancient History, Biophysics, Biology, Chemistry, Cosmology, Particle Physics, Modern and Contemporary History. The students will join researchers in their daily activities: reading articles, experimenting or simulating with computers, but also enjoying the every-day life at the canteen. This is a concrete way for young people interested in science to really understand what the life of a researcher is.

Winners of the 2016 edition


In the following, the names of the seven winners, with special mentions for three other students whose articles also received very high points in the final evaluation. The texts of their articles will be published on VIS website in the coming months.


Sara Angelico – 5ACM ITT “A. Malignani” Cervignano del Friuli (UD)

Tommaso Brusco – 3C, Liceo Ginnasio “L. Galvani”, Bologna (BO)

Francesco Caputo – 3A Classico, Liceo Quinto Ennio di Gallipoli (LE)

Valeria Fina – 4B Liceo Scientifico “E.Fermi” di Sciacca (AG)

Costanza Giambalvo – 3B Liceo S.S. “C. Cavour” (RM)

Federico Semenzato – 5C, Liceo Statale G. Galilei, Dolo, (VE)

Sveva Sodomaco – 5E Liceo Scientifico F.Enriques Livorno (LI)


Nicola Lombardi – 4 Scienze Applicate, Liceo Andrea Maffei (TN)

Luca Maran – 4C Liceo Scientifico “Duca degli Abruzzi” (GO)

Ilaria Rossi – 4B Liceo Classico Dante (FI)


Translated from Italian by Fabio Pacucci

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Author: Fabio Pacucci

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