Origins Bridge is an innovative building of the Scuola Normale Superiore with two main aims:

  1. the advanced research about the origins of Cosmos and of Life
  2. the spread of scientific culture – outreach – in the Country.

This international research center, capable of attracting the best minds in the world, will take the form of a futuristic pedestrian bridge that will connect the Piagge Park with the left bank of the Arno river in Pisa, a university city traditionally considered to be the Italian “capital” of scientific research. Origins Bridge will boost the social, cultural and economic development of a large area of the city, and become an alternative touristic spot to the Miracles Square, where the famous Leaning Tower is located.

Origins Bridge will be (i) research center of excellence, (ii) outreach exhibition center, (iii) infrastructure, (iv) public space, (v) efficient and sustainable – green – building, (vi) architectural work of great value.


The feasibility study has been financed by the EU program Cross Border Cooperation Programme Italy / France “Maritime” 2007-2013 ( The results of this study can be seen in the menus below, in particular in the sections gallery, building plan and location. A part of the funds have been used to produce dedicated TED TALK style outreach videos, a tribute to one of the main missions of the Origins Bridge. See SNS professors and researchers explain their latest discoveries in the videos & podcasts section.