Fabio Pacucci wins the Gratton Prize


Fabio Pacucci, a former Ph.D student at the SNS, received a prestigious recognition, the Gratton Prize. Now Fabio is a postdoc at Yale, where he is still collaborating with VIS.

The international jury, composed of Gianfranco De Zotti (INAF-Astronomical Observatory in Padua), Laura Ferrarese (National Research Council of Canada) and Nikolas Prantzos (CNRS, Paris Institute of Astrophysics), has thoroughly examined the documentation submitted by the 25 candidates. They concluded that Fabio Pacucci stood out from the many excellent applicants, and they unanimously nominated him as the winner of the Livio Gratton Award 2017.

Dr. Pacucci’s doctoral thesis, “The First Black Holes in the Cosmic Dark Ages” (supervisor: Andrea Ferrara, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa), presents important original results on the formation of the first black holes in the early universe. Specifically, the thesis analyses in depth the physics that rules the growth of a specific class of black holes called “direct collapse black holes”. They are considered the seeds of the super-massive black holes observed at the end of the re-ionization era.

Dr. Pacucci has published 19 articles, in only about 4 years, in the most important refereed astronomical journals, and he is the first author of 10 of them. His articles attained over 300 citations. His research concerns some of the central issues of modern cosmology, such as the formation of galaxies, dark matter, re-ionization , gravitational waves, black holes and even planets. Evidences of the quality of his research are to be found in the several invitations he received to present reports and seminars to international conferences in European and North American scientific institutes, as well as the prestigious postdoctoral scholarship at the Yale University.

For the occasion, we suggest you once again one of the articles he has written for VIS, and the footage where he is explaining one of his discoveries.

Translated from the Italian by Cristina Trocin


Author: Fabio Pacucci

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