Andrea Ferrara explains the Interstellar Project


Andrea Ferrara, a Cosmology Professor at the SNS, recently won the prestigious ERC (European Research Council) Advanced Grant funding, totalling 2.2 million euros. His project, named Interstellar, is going to include a team of some of the best scientists in the field, which are going to study the formation of the primordial galaxies and their characteristics. The SNS is providing its facilities for the project, and seven young researchers are going to dedicate to it 23 person-years distributed over 5 years.

“The research – explains Professor Ferrara – uses numerical simulations based on parallel supercomputers in order to rebuild these objects at a resolution (in other words, at a level of detail) never reached before. These simulations, together with the exquisite data from the most powerful observatories available nowadays, promise to shed light on the first stages of the life of galaxies. Among the available data stand out those from the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (Alma) radio-interferometer, placed on the Chilean Andes, and the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the successor of Hubble in 2018.”

In the following video, the VIS collaborator Irene Celestino interviews professor Ferrara.

Translated from Italian by Cristina Trocin


Author: Fabio Pacucci

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